Deliver your service via a new online channel.

Web based rich interactive video calls in seconds.

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What is Coviu?

Collaborate online

Web based multi-party video calls in your web-browser. No downloads.

Share information

Everyone can share and annotate files, whiteboards or their screen.

Work together

Great for you, your team members, partners and customers.

Secure and fast

State of the art encryption for security and performance.

Consumer hardware

Crystal clear video and audio with the hardware you already have.

Easy room links

Invite people to join your call by simply sharing your Coviu URL.

Stress-free online collaboration

Teams and Guests

The perfect solution for you to work with customers, or upgrade to a team account and invite your colleagues to join.

Share and annotate

Bring documents, images and whiteboards into your call and scribble and annotate them together. Everyone has their say.

Everyone on the same page

With all the tools you need to share knowledge and ideas, online meetings become much more than just talking heads.

Which Coviu service is right for you?

Self-service Web App

You are an expert intending to offer video consultations to your customer. You want to use Coviu for your business today. Sign up for the "Team" plan. It allows you and your colleagues to start offering video consultations immediately.

Platform API

You are a service provider for experts and want to introduce video consultations into your application. Sign up for the "Enterprise API" plan. It provides your developers a simple API to integrate Coviu rooms into your app with just a few hours of work.

Who uses Coviu?

Teams,Startups,Physicians, Educators, Therapists ...and many many more